5 Mobile App Prototyping Practices Every App Designer Should Know

5 Mobile App Prototyping Practices Every App Designer Should Know

Whether you are an iPhone app development company or an Android developer, you need to start with the prototype and design process soon after the app concept and features are finalized. App prototype is something that validates the look and[...] Read more

UI/UX Design Trends 2020: Top 7 Trends to Watch Out

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Custom Android UI: The Future of Customer-Centric App Development

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Visual Storytelling for App UI/UX Design: Key Principles to Do It?

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Evaluating the Potential and Promise of Machine Learning for UI Testing

As the qualitative focus is getting more intense with new and granular level parameters, user interface testing for the vast majority of apps is now trying every new methodology and means to ensure optimum output. The artificial intelligence and Machine[...] Read more