With the advancement of mobile users demanding for a flawlessly integrated experience, different industries across the world are adapting mobile application technology to reach their customers, enhance branding and effective return on investments. With more than 2 million apps in iOS & Android stores, it is definitely not straight forward for your app to be among the top findings. Just like how your website ought to be optimized by using Search Engine Optimization technique for better ranking in search engine, your app’ on the app store needs to optimize regularly to keep it driving traffic to your app visibility and app store ranking.

App store optimization is a process that enhances the visibility of a mobile application in an app store such as iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Windows store with the end goal of higher ranking in search results. It allows applications to be optimized based on what their projected target audience is interested in. In an effort to keep a high level of quality for their apps, App store seems to depend on app conversions and retention. App Store Optimization isn’t all about downloads, but rather about finding genuine users that will keep using your app and stay engaged. App store optimization techniques need to be implemented for any successful mobile app to increase application exposure and conversion rate. Above infographics provides some key idea to successfully expand your app’s chances of being found by relevant users in the App Store.