Receiving payments is integral part of any business and Point of Sale (POS) terminals have been playing vital role to our commercial ecosystem. There has been lots of innovations like ApplePay and AndroidPay into retail space. These cutting edge devices and solutions combine payment capabilities with multimedia information, publicizing over to the focused buyers. As per recent research POS Terminal Market Size is expected to reach over $113 billion by 2024.

VeriFone is a worldwide technology providing merchant-operated, customer-facing and self-service payment systems and point-of-sale services. Raked among top 10 contributors to the payment industry, operating across 150+ countries worldwide they have more than 26 million systems installed globally. VeriFone has an open API upon which developers can develop a mobile applications that uses the electronic payment or Point-of-sale services. For this an account is required with service. VeriFone offers an extensive scope providing strategic combinations to simplify the development efforts. Developers can select from direct or semi-integrated techniques, software development kits (SDKs).

A point-of-sale (POS) is a digital alternative for a cash register. The POS framework can incorporate the capacity to record and track client orders, process credit, and debit cards, associate with different frameworks in a system and manage inventory. The point of Sales (POS) is an important system that you ought to have, particularly when you need to grow a business rapidly. You can discover numerous sorts of POS frameworks easily. We can integrate POS with VeriFone to help retailers improve and streamline basic parts of their payment operations including hardware and software integration, sale management and business logic. These solutions upgrade profitability, lower the expenses and support fragmented industry security principles and accreditation prerequisites.

There are different integration options available.

  • Customized Integration Options

Merchants can coordinate VeriFone devices with existing programming frameworks to create customized and complete solution that meet distinctive business prerequisites.

  • Multichannel Capabilities

With direct integration, secure payment processing can be added to retail sites without much of a hassle. The transaction is directed to another safe web page, reducing online dealers from PCI consistenty while offering buyers seamless transactions.

  • Application Design

VeriFone SDKs makes it simpler for developers to make applications that work with VeriFone frameworks and bolster vendors in a variety of environments – retail, restaurants, banking, self-service kiosks and more.

Collecting and processing payments from your customers is a basic yet essential function of your business. Payment handling choices are constantly growing, making it basic for entrepreneurs to have a complete comprehension of each accessible strategy. Merchant services are extensive terms utilized to characterize a large variety of payment processing options. In most consequences, there are partner vendor services with debit and credit card processing, but there are a vivid options incorporated in its more extensive definition.

Steps to Integrate VeriFone POS with iOS

First of all, initialize the functions which you want to call. The following is the rundown of some function which we utilized as a part of our application.

Open: Opens the PIM library and initialize the correspondence towards the payment terminal.
Close: Close the PIM library (and the communication towards the payment terminal).
startTestCom: Start a dialogue for testing the correspondence with the payment terminal. The user application can call this function and wait for an OnReturn If the return value is 0, an OnReturn will dependably happen after a call to this function.

VeriFone POS

Transaction processing functions


Function for setting extra transaction data for a monetary transaction (maximum 40 bytes). Must be called once for each dataType to be included. The information characters must be in the reach 0x20 to 0x7F.


Function for sending card information to the terminal.


This helps to start a financial transaction. This will start a message between the device and the payment terminal. The client application will call this function and wait for an OnReturn event. If the return value is 0, an OnReturn event will always occur after a call to this function.

The mode parameter can be utilized to ask for the after-effect of a previous transaction if the other parameters are identical to the previous transaction.


This helps to start an administrative transaction. This will start a message exchange between the PC and the payment terminal. The user application will call this function and wait for an OnReturn event. If the return value is 0, an OnReturn event will always occur after a call to this function.

administrative transaction

In this given image, Customer chooses the thing which they need to buy. What’s more, finally the aggregate number shows up.

Customer chooses

Before payment procedure, the Bluetooth connectivity builds up between Terminals to the iPad device. Terminal produces a receipt and the client makes the payment as indicated by the receipt.

Payment machine

The Total amount displayed on the Terminal has to be paid to the merchant by the customer.

Payment receipt

For Payment, Customer uses their Credit or Debit Card. it is a simple procedure of payment. The customer just enters their card into terminal and then enter a pin number.The system consequently deducts the total amount from the bank account and complete the transaction.

Card Payment

VeriFone helps developing your business by offering custom POS arrangements utilizing trusted third party frameworks. It Increases the efficiency of your payments infrastructure by providing the technical expertise.

VeriFone’s brilliant coordination techniques empower developers to build innovative payment capabilities with mobile applications proficiently keeping it cost averse. Furthermore, if a managed service is desired, VeriFone provides all the support and enhancements needed while ensuring extraordinary security and compliance. It helps developers to develop more and stress less about complicated payment processing challenges.