Every website development design consists of three parts – the front-end, back-end and full-stack designs. Front-end developers deal with the client-side or user-side of the website. There are many application options available for aspiring front-end developers like SoapUI, JSONPlaceholder, or Reqres. Owners can Hire Dedicated Developers who can help to develop local API to do what is necessary.

Go from Google has a small size of only 7MB in comparison to other available browsers. The limited application size makes it easier to download while saving on the device memory capacity.

However, below-mentioned are some of the reasons Go can be the perfect choice for developers hoping to leap from front-end to full-stack.

1. Cross-platform Design of Google Go

Cross-platform Design

The cross-platform of an application signifies its capability to run not just on a single operating system (platform) but rather across multiple platforms. Whether the Front-end Development Company uses operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac, Google Go “goes” with all of them. The Go applications can not only be built but can also be placed to run on any platform. Developers can use Google Go to make their programs run on any device. Google Go sets down the boundaries on platform limitations.

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2. Learning Adaptability

Learning a new program can be tedious and complicated. Program designers have to start adopting a new programming language from scratch. However, they can quickly grasp the concept of Go. Their expertise in JavaScript can also help to shorten the “learning curve” for Go. Go also carries resemblance with the object-oriented programming language C or C++ but is less complex than them. Although starting to use Go can prove to be creative but, down the road, the differences with JavaScript will begin to appear.


3. Develop High-quality Web Applications with Go

Google Go can help front-end developers to build robust web applications. Go can help programmers to build APIs for GraphQL or REST in many different ways. Some of the Go frameworks to build them include –

a. Beego

b. Gin Gonic

c. Gorilla

d. Sinatra

These framework choices can enable developers to make robust and stabilized web applications. Programmers can use these APIs to build high-quality programs with better infrastructure.

4. Ensuring Better Coding

4. Ensuring Better Coding

Even though the language of Google Go does not require better coding, it does offer advice for it. Consistency in coding is maintained through agreements as the compiler is prejudiced. The code testing is in-built, and tools like fmt can enable the user to clear the formatting. Program developers, who are at their “infancy” in this field of expertise, can use Google Go to develop, sharpen and improve their skills in programming. They can use Google Go as a beginner’s platform to learn more and do better.

5. Swiftly Accomplish Vast Tasks

Google Go houses a contrasting feature – it involves the simple coding available in Python with a durable performance from C++. A few lines of coding in Go can help the developer to do more with ease. Google Go does not require accomplishing multiple low-level tasks made from several lines of codes. Beginners can gain a confidence boost in their programming skill development from this technique. They can use their limited coding knowledge to enable developers to create new applications with less experience.

6. Vast Learning Materials

Choosing to learn Google Go can be troublesome as there are several learning materials available. However, beginners can hope to choose “A Tour of Go” as their first stepping stone to master Google Go. Then, they can gradually take aid from different materials like the ones given below –

a. Go.dev – that provides reliable Go Resources for beginners and learners.

b. Go Core Language – offers courses that start from beginner and extend to expert.

c. Introducing Go – beginners can also rely on Introducing Go to get solutions for their problems.

d. The Go Programming Language – Interested learners can develop their knowledge further with The Go Programming Language.

e. Finally, The Go Bootcamp.

7. Performance


Google Go is extremely fast in performance. The buildup of real-life applications with Google Go can look promising, irrespective of the task type. From the development of a simple microservice to the development for a vast firmware, Google Go offers –

  1. Optimizations for a compiler.
  2. Concurrency.
  3. Potent Value Storage
  4. Does not block I/O
  5. The application lacks virtual runtime.

The fast performance of Google Go can help developers build a higher number of applications within a time-bound work structure. Programmers can use Google Go to deliver reliable quality products within a short time.

Why Must Developers Opt for Full-stack Professionals?

Developers choose to prefer full-stack development over separate front-end and back-ends for many reasons. They are –

  1. Full-stack development is cheaper in comparison to the combined expenses behind single front-end and back-end operations. They can help the owner to save money. Firm-owners can reap more from their money when they hire full-stack developers.
  2. Full-stack web developers can deal with programming problems quickly. Since the time wasted behind the cooperation and communication between separate front-end and back-end operators are eliminated.
  3. Full-stack web developers tend to bear a higher degree of accountability than the separate front-end and back-end groups. Their specialization over both aspects of the project helps them to remain accountable and deliver their products on time.
  4. Hiring full-stack developers can lead to better management of valuable time and expensive resources. The separate groups of front-end developers and back-end developers do not just need better communication and time-management skills. Still, they also require proper communication and understanding among themselves.
  5. Full-stack developers also offer reliable customer support. Their expertise in multiple technologies helps them to keep their applications up-to-date with frequent updates. Full-stack developers can help to provide their product buyers with a better customer support experience.

Go get Google Go

Google Go is a full cross-platform service that can merge well across multiple platforms. The programming language is simple as it carries resemblance with C, C++ or Java. However, learning Google Go is much easier than the latter three high-level languages. Google Go helps to build efficient and productive web applications. Beginners can sharpen their coding skills with Google Go. They can perform loads of functions with a bit of coding in Google Go. Learning Google Go is easy with multiple resources available over the Internet. There is a lot of golang usage in the industry, with Google Go seizing the spotlight in programming.

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