SMAC is one of the most popular trend that is sweeping industries across the country and have revolutionized the way organizations work for their customers. With the diverse combination, SMAC stack is emerging as a resource that can deliver significant improvements to production, efficiency and overall quality. The SMAC stack embarked in 2012 which represents the fifth ray of IT. SMAC stack is the concept of boosting productivity which uses social, mobility and analytics that are driven by big data and cloud technology which helps in simplifying the customer experiences and empowers business strategy.

SMAC is transferring the business values by creating new ways for companies to engage with customer and deliver innovative products and services. To revamp with these changes businesses has to remain upgraded in the area of SMAC group. There are various key components of SMAC stack.


In this digital era of mobile app development industry, Social media is the most significant part of branding. The combination of Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others are playing an important role in business to engage with a customer in the easiest way. It has provided businesses newer ways to reach and interact with customers. It has become a place for today’s enterprise to advertise their products as a customer are using these platforms on a daily basis.


Mobility has empowered technology to newer heights. As businesses are switching to enterprise mobility, the importance of mobile applications and innovative technologies is increasing day by day. It provides anytime, anywhere access to data which increases the productivity and efficiency. Basically, mobility is bridging the gap between People & Processes by providing access to data in real time.


A huge amount of data is generated everyday from weblogs, social media posts, images, emails, audio and video files. Organizations are now using these data to determine how it can be mined in a better way to know their customer’s likes and dislikes. The applications of analytics has risen to such a level that leading brands in the industry are completely utilizing the power of analyzed information. Using analytics is a best way to target right audience and provide exactly what customer wants.


Cloud Computing provides a robust and reliable way to access technology and data. With the help of this, a business can respond quickly for the change in the market and provides much needed scalability & reliability. It also allows your company to take benefits from flexible “pay per use” and on-demand formula of SaaS and IaaS.

How SMAC Affects in Real-world

In the real world, retailers are intensely using the SMAC stack for their business processes to combine the best of virtual and physical retail shopping experience. While shopping, a customer’s mobile device can give a signal to store management. With advanced Analytics they would get vital information like shopping behavior, interest areas, likes, dislikes and much more. Based on such rich information companies can define the business strategy to be more competitive and add more value to consumers. Personalized service and personalized marketing is the way forward. Tailor-make the shopping experience as per your customer’s preference.

SMAC stack reduces the cost and time to develop the end customer mobile app. It enables enterprises to engage customers with personalized experiences across any channel, including mobile, tablets, and desktops. The solutions built on SMAC are configurable, extensible and can be integrated with the existing infrastructure and systems to meet the unique business need, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market. It’s time to let this convergence be a part of your enterprise business success.