Magento is well known as the undisputed leader among the enterprise-ready CMS platforms with a great scope of customization, flexibility, scalability and continuous value additions. Magento 2 has come as a platform more tuned to the present-day e-commerce challenges. The platform now allows integrating NewEgg, a separate platform for consumer durable merchandising through web stores. Obviously, integrating NewEgg with Magento 2 has an array of advantages that any Magento development company should be aware of.

Let us here explain various aspects concerning this integration including the advantages and the ways to take advantage of this plug-in.

What is NewEgg Basically?

NewEgg is the well-known platform for retailers and sellers of computers and peripherals that in recent years has become hugely popular thanks to the ease of integration and uses. The company which is already a reputed brand in the industry of computer hardware and peripherals has now unleashed a plug-in that can literally make sales of such staff over online stores easier than ever before.

While the focus of NewEgg has always been helping sellers to catch the growth opportunity in the industry of computer hardware retail, this latest extension will help to create more room for the online stores dealing with such product range. The new plug-in will help the consumer electronics brands and retailers to sell their products through the integrated NewEgg platform.

The extension by synchronizing the product inventory, price brackets and other specific product details about the product development and its branding basically helps a Magento e-commerce store to take full advantage of the NewEgg platform.

Since NewEgg us already regarded as one of the fastest growing online marketplaces for electronics and computer hardware products, the integration will help in updating the entire product range en masse instead of doing the exercise for one product at a time. Any Magento e-commerce store or business website just requires integrating the Newegg API, and it’s ready.

The Key Reasons to Go For Newegg Integration with Magento 2?

Newegg Integration with Magento 2

All that an e-commerce store needs for selling his products on the NewEgg marketplace is to integrate his store with the NewEgg marketplace by using a third-party API. The NewEgg integration tool helps the e-commerce stores to upload their chosen products on the NewEgg marketplace with ease and without much effort. Once this integration takes place, the latest orders received through the NewEgg marketplace are sent to the e-commerce store every 10 minutes and thus syncing of the merchandising needs takes place.

Apart from this, this integration also helps in terms of meeting basic obligations to fulfill the standard e-commerce protocols and needs. The plug-in and corresponding API helps to synchronise the product inventories and prices almost in real-time. The integration also makes the same return and refund policy of the store available for the customers purchasing through the NewEgg marketplace.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key points about the functioning of this integration and its effects.

  • The API helps upload loads of products to the NewEgg marketplace for selling.
  • When synchronizing and updating the inventory, the tool also makes the product details and edit information available for the users.
  • It comes with an inbuilt error reporting mechanism that brings uploading errors into the cognizance of the marketers and store owners.
  • The tool also allows pulling out any product or republishing of any other product from the marketplace.
  • It acknowledges the product orders through a highly functional Auto-Acknowledgement of Order.

How Does It Work For Magento Web Stores?

It is true that the vast majority of the e-commerce stores are basically present over the web instead of the native mobile apps. This is why we must explain the steps for integrating Magento 2 web store with the NewEgg marketplace. In this respect, we must draw your attention to some really helpful integration services and tools that can make this integration job absolutely easier. Do you want to hire Magento developer for NewEgg integration? Let’s know how it really works.

1. Products Upload Based on Profile

The e-commerce store owner needs to create a profile and thereafter he should put the Newegg category and related aspects in sync with the Magento category and elements. Now, as and when he uploads the products to his profile, the same is uploaded on the Newegg website as well.

2. Bulk Products Upload

An e-commerce store owner can directly upload a bulk volume of products on the Newegg website.

3. Product Category Mapping:

The store owner can also map many Magento store categories to one particular product category of the NewEgg platform.

4. Notifications for Insufficient Stock

As and when the stock becomes insufficient or decreases lower than a particular threshold, the store owner instantly gets a notification about the stock status.

5. New Order Notifications

As soon as a new order comes through the NewEgg platform, the store owner instantly gets a notification.

6. Notification for Rejected Products

As soon as a product is rejected as invalid, the store owner is notified about the rejection caused by some errors in the process.

7. Inventory Synchronization

At regular intervals, the product inventory information is synchronized between the Magento store and the NewEgg marketplace. Any editing or changes in product information in the Magento store is synchronized with the NewEgg platform automatically.

Account and Pricing

The merchants or the store owners can avail a NewEgg account absolutely free of cost and the account is required to get the API credentials which is used for integrating the Magento store with the NewEgg marketplace. As of now, NewEgg marketplace doesn’t charge a dime for creating the account or listing the products in the marketplace. But for different product range and the agreement particulars the charge may differ. There are different membership plans for this integration and the API.


There is no doubt that the integration of Magento e-commerce store with the NewEgg marketplace will make the life of many marketers extremely easier. The synchronized NewEgg listing will help marketers extend their presence through a well-known niche platform.