One of the manifested technological trend in recent times has been the enormous usage of mobile devices and applications into the workplace ranging from smartphone, tablets, wireless add-on devices like sensors, scanners and so forth. Mobility in enterprises has reached an astounding level and is all set to occupy an overwhelming position in the overall organizational setup. While enterprise software solutions bunch benefits to organizations by helping in transformation, boosting efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, eventually leading to better revenues; it also represents a scope of challenges in terms of managing, monitoring, collaborating and securing a steadily increasing pool of mobile devices and applications which are loaded with sensitive data. Mobile Device Management provides powerful response to the vast majority of the challenges arising while implementing mobility.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that permits Admin to manage smartphones and tablets from the cloud or an MDM server. Depending on the MDM solution, Administrator can convey programming, empower access to assets, remotely remove information from devices, apply browsing policies, and much more. It is characterized by the ability to monitor, manages, secure, and support mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets and portable computers. It likewise provides platforms for over-the-air or wired distribution of applications, information, and configuration settings for all types of devices. With the help of MDM, enterprise-wide policies can be executed effortlessly to reduce support costs, time, and business and security threats. The entire bunch i.e. company-owned, consumer-owned, as well as the employee-owned devices across the enterprise, can be effortlessly managed with its assistance.

The massive growth of mobile devices and applications in enterprises along with its benefits is also raising serious threat to the IT division in securing basic corporate information. Moreover, with diverse quality of devices and multiple platforms, it has for sure turned out to be troublesome for organizations to monitor and control devices, applications, and their usage. Additionally, there is a regulatory prerequisite for sufficient data protection mechanisms. In such a situation, MDM solutions turn into a need of the organizations to advance their mobile initiatives and relieve business risks associated with it.

Above infographics will provide an essential understanding of what and Why of Mobile Device Management (MDM).