Developing an app can cost you a lot if you don’t find yourself a reliable mobile app development company in the USA. When developing an app, you need to consider a lot of other elements. As the demand for creative apps is gradually increasing day by day, the value of developers is also increasing. When hiring an app development agency, everyone wants low prices and high quality, regardless of whether the agency is located in the USA, UK, India, or Ukraine. CMARIX understands this because they provide web and mobile solutions for a variety of business domains such as healthcare, real estate, and logistics.

Let’s get honest when it comes to the price tag of hiring an app developer for fulfilling your requirements. You may come across a few different websites geared at estimating mobile app development prices on the web, but they are nothing more than a marketing ploy to pique your interest with brief questions about your needs. The estimate you obtain will not reflect an accurate picture. In recent research CMARIX has stated that developing an app in the USA can cost you between $20,000 to $200,000.

Price of Developing an App in the USA

Developing an App in the USA

With a rough estimation, an average developer can charge you $40 for an hour. If you are developing a basic app, it will cost you around $90,000. If you want to upgrade and own up a medium complexity app, then it will cost you around $160,000. But if you want an advanced complexity app for your business, where your customers could add items to the cart and could purchase your product, then the price could go beyond $250,000.

Among thousands of app development companies, CMARIX is one of them that claims to hire the best app developers and will give an output that will satisfy your needs. There are many variables to consider for companies that are well-established or newly started, experienced or ambitious, local or foreign, large or tiny, high-priced or low-priced. It’s no surprise that such an extensive range might be perplexing for both new and experienced enterprises.

The most typical misconception is that when you hire Mobile App Developers, it is always pinpointed in the customer’s head that high price will lead you to good quality, and the new companies that are inexperienced won’t be enough to offer high-quality products, which will lead to failure or excessive expenses. Keeping this in mind, let’s return to an unbiased study of the app’s construction costs. In the USA, if you want to develop an app that targets the iOS user only, then it will cost you around $150 per hour, and if you are developing an app just for the android users, then it will cost you the same, as the North America region is one of the most expensive app development regions where a developer can charge you from $50 to $150 per hour.

Let’s state a weird fact that, when you hire a developer from the USA they might charge you a lot, but if you hire a developer from India, then with the same requirements, the Indian developers will charge you a rate which will be 6 times cheaper from the USA developers.

Time & Price Issues in the USA

Time & Price Issues in the USA

Well, you need to know that all mobile apps are not equal. Inequality is the platform that is being developed to use.

  • In CMARIX, a basic app with simple functions will require 500 to 800 hours of development, which is equal to 3 to 6 months.
  • With a little upgrades and coming to the medium complexity app, it will take a developer around 800 hrs to 1200 hrs, that is 5 to 9 months of time period.
  • With more advanced updates, the advanced complexity app will take more than 1200 hrs to fully develop, as there will be lots of features to include. It usually takes a year or more than that.
Robust and Successful Mobile Application Development

Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost

When you give a thought to construct an app, you cannot expect a software development firm like CMARIX to tell you of the development charges immediately. They must first assess your original requirements. Indeed, before sending you a quote, the development team will determine how many hours it will take to implement your demands.

The development factors that a Mobile App Development charges for are:

  • The project type is a CRM or a marketplace or an LMS, or an EHR.
  • The features and functions could increase or decrease the price according to the installments.
  • The customization of the app with a template or new plugins.
  • The cost of the app development varies when you determine the platform or you want to create it for both iOS & Android.
  • The backend infrastructure and the app performance will also determine the rates.
  • Depending upon the location and structure of a development team or the type of developers being hired will also determine the charges.
  • In addition, there are also app maintenance costs and additional service charges.
  • The rates of an in-house or an outsourced development team can vary.
  • Lastly, the developer’s hourly rates and their experience is also an essential factor to determine the app development price.
  • The yearly rate of an app developer from the USA can cost up to $90,000.

Cost of App Features

Cost of App Features

Deciding on the cost of developing an app is similar to designing a residence. With the addition of new features, the base pricing for the type of app you intend to create continues to rise. With the advancement of mobile apps, there is essentially no limit to what an app can achieve. As a result, there is no final Mobile app development cost estimate; it could range from a few hundred dollars to a few million dollars. You can take help from the CMARIX expert developers to get an idea of which features are under your budget, and which are not.

While developing the client’s estimation, it is critical to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of app development, the features that can be added, and the technology that supports them. Using a base hour pricing of $25 and a maximum hour price of $50, let’s have a look at how much it costs to construct an app based on the types of elements that make up a typical mobile app:

App Features Function Description Time Taken to Develop Price in USD
User Login / Signup From the simple username and password combination to useful logins through social media to secure two-factor authentication systems. 20 hours $500 to $1000
Schemes of Payments In-app purchases, the addition of shopping carts, and payment integration are all distinct features that require their own development budgets. More than 50 hours $2500 to $5000
Message Vital for developing a social media app with the ability for the primary user to communicate with their clients. More than 80 hours $2000 to $4000
Map Detecting the user’s location, searching on the map, and setting up a pickup point on the map. In between 75 hours to 111 hours $3000 to $4400
Streaming Starting & stopping a broadcast, viewing a broadcast, and switching in-between broadcasts. From 90 hours to 140 hours $3600 to $5600
Push Notifications When used correctly, notifications can boost engagement and user retention by keeping the users up to date and in a loop the activity that is going on in your app. From 10 hours to 200 hours $100 to $10,000

Rates of Different App Development Employers

Designation of the Employer Price in the United States of America
Business Analyst From $110 to $205
Architect From $198 to $292
Project Manager From $133 to $233
Junior level developer From $105 to $111
Mid level developer From $132 to $140
Senior level developer From $154 to $163
Lead developer From $176 to $187
Junior Quality Assurance From $77 to $81
Mid level Quality Assurance From $99 to $105
Senior Quality Assurance From $143 to $169
Graphic Designer From $79 to $163


When companies estimate the development cost of their future app, they must first consider the location of the development team and the complexity of the app – both of which have a significant influence on the entire development cost. Given the popularity of both the iOS and Android platforms, it is a wise idea for firms who go mobile to create apps for both platforms simultaneously. Since the infrastructure is the most significant contributor to app development costs, it is sensible to do all possible to save on data storage and scalability and third-party API integration if you can select between multiple choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you want to create an app for both platforms, you must develop two different apps. The cost of developing a native app is estimated to be $100,000. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, allow you to create apps for both Android and iOS.
  • As the cost greatly depends on the type of business, you run and the functionality you require in the app. According to a resourceful research firm, the average cost to construct an app like Uber is $91,000, and an app like WhatsApp costs $72,000.
  • The price of app maintenance may range from 15% to 20% of the cost of development. In other words, if you paid $40,000 for a simple application, be prepared to invest $6,000 to $8,000 in maintenance.