The priority of mobile over desktop has swept the eCommerce trends for quite some time as most users intend to shop on mobile instead of desktops. This is the most vigorous and powerful trend dominating the eCommerce scene as of now. After building their eCommerce stores with mobile friendly and responsive design, they are increasingly preferring standalone native eCommerce apps to engage mobile shoppers even more.

This trend also brought a major change of approach for the eCommerce CMS solutions like Magento. Magento 2, the latest and most well-equipped Magento eCommerce CMS now comes with a fully loaded mobile app builder to help Magento eCommerce stores with sophisticated shopping experience from a native mobile app. Every Magento development company will find this as an opportune moment to create innovative mobile eCommerce apps.

Key Characteristics of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Before you Hire Magento developer for your new eCommerce store, take cognizance of the features and functions that give Magento a lead in mobile commerce. Magento 2 mobile app builder became instantly popular and effective for building eCommerce apps because of the following characteristics.

Easy Management

The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder offers an extension to ensure an automated and instant synchronization of content and functions with the store. The backend of the app is also easily customizable. Moreover, the admin panel of the store makes integrating features and configuration extremely easier. This also helps in minimizing the maintenance cost while making the updating process simple.

Great SEO Advantage

With the help of a Magento extension called Google Content API for Shopping, the Magento app is easily integrated with the Google Merchant Center. This helps your app to get search engine listing against popular search terms or keywords.

Flexible and Versatile Design

The Magento app coming with an array of beautiful themes helps to make the choice of look and feel that comes close to your Magento eCommerce website. The Magento Mobile App also provides full support to all product types ranging from the simple to bundled, configurable and downloadable ones. The app interface is optimized for a variety of screen sizes and comes with different category pages with a multitude of filter options.

Custom Store Functions

Magento Mobile App also offers an array of functions that can be customized as per the business needs of the store. Let’s have a look at the key customizable functions of Magento Mobile App.

  • Social login option
  • Push notification
  • Wishlist
  • 24/7 customer support through Zendeck Chat
  • Simple, easy and secure checkout
  • Multiple payment type support including coupons and PayPal gateway
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Order tracking
  • Multi-lingual support

Analytics and Reports

Backed by Google Analytics, Magento 2 Mobile App from time to time will provide detailed and insight-rich reports on sales, taxes, and different business aspects. These reports and analytics will help your business by making better strategies and business decisions.

Magento 2 Native Ecommerce App Builder: Advanced Features

Magento 2 Ecommerce App Builder also offers an array of advanced features that gives app user experience and business conversion greater boost. Let us explain a few of these advanced features.

Magento 2 AI and Machine Learning

The Magento 2 eCommerce app by using the instantly usable ML kit API from Google Firebase can make the app more responsive and interactive. Thanks to Machine Learning, the app can learn about users and respond to them accordingly.

For instance, Machine Learning integrated within the eCommerce app can decipher user intents by learning from the in-app activities and accordingly can modify the recommendations or product listing for the individual customers. This will also help in personalizing various user experience elements of the app. Machine Learning API can also detect text and products by capturing the image through the device camera and help users search products as per these detected products or text.

Advanced Search Function

In the Magento 2 mobile app, search function gets a solid boost with extreme ease of searching products across types and categories. The advanced search option thanks to a plethora of filters can reduce the searching difficulties to a minimum and help users to find products easily. Here are the available search options within Magento Mobile App.

Keyword typing: users can type keywords or search terms and search for the intended product.

Voice Search: The users can speak out the search terms or keywords and the app through voice recognition will understand the meaning and will search for the intended product.

Search through image: The app through text or image detection learns about the product and searches for it inside the app.

Offline Mode

As network connectivity issues often make accessing content and function challenging for the users, offline access is getting popular as an advanced feature for mobile apps of today. In Magento mobile apps also this feature is available and customers can really browse the entire app while there is no connectivity.

This feature works by making the Pre-loaded pages available when there is no internet connection. This allows users on the go visit the store through the mobile app, search products and make orders when again the connection is available. Offline mode helps to sync user engagement and sales to a great extent.

AR Support

The Magento Ecommerce App further gets the boost of advanced interactions and immersive shopping experience through Augmented Reality technology. The Magento mobile app can incorporate real-world environments and offer an immersive shopping experience by using computer-based information. The device by creating a real-world surface and 3D presentation of products on the screen can help an eCommerce store to deliver unique and innovative shopping experiences.

Thanks to the use of AR customers can get a real-life look and feel of the product they purchase. An AR-based shopping experience in eCommerce apps can be very helpful for the automobile, real estate, fashion, and design industry.


Magento 2 Mobile App Builder with an array of advanced and state of the art features can really take the eCommerce mobile shopping experience to the new level. In the years to come, this can actually lead the mobile eCommerce solutions in terms of innovation.