Are you lagging behind in the eCommerce platform? Are you afraid of your company performance concerning security? If yes, don’t waste your time thinking more. We can provide you with the best solution option.

Do you use Fastly? If not, create an account soon. It will help you to improve fast in your online business forum. Fastly is an effective tool that collects your websites’ contents on worldwide servers and delivers the content to the users within a short time. Via Fastly, one can track the location of a user and connect to them very easily. This application makes a site faster by reduction of the time spent on the supply of data. Fastly provides several advanced features that can help you track your data access and customize your content. The incorporation of Fastly at your site allows you to achieve success faster. You may try the trial plan to observe the performance of Fastly at your location. If you are satisfied, then only you can install the tool permanently.

The advanced features of Fastly are mentioned below,

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

This feature supplies a top-level performance of your network system and how your site performs. All the data are collected on time to make the report easy.

Instant Purging

This tool enables you to control the content when it is needed. You can update your data as frequently as you want.

Health Checks

Health Checks

This tool helps you to track the status of your back end servers. If anything is wrong with your server, you will get to know about it immediately.


Different conditions change different factors of the tool, like, how requests are routed, how the content is cached and what headers to send.

Conditions images

Varnish Configuration Language (VCL)

This tool enables you to change all the aspects of your HTTP requests and responses. You may upload the Varnish Configuration Language files with specialized configurations.



Fastly API can handle your configuration in a programmatically way. You can write scripts to have control over the entire configuration system. You might create your administrative views to connect with your admin software.

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Streaming Logs

Streaming Logs will help you to send information quickly to anywhere in the world from your server.

Most of the major globally recognized brands rely on Fastly to upgrade their performance. The most powerful feature of the tool is to control. You can control the scale and performance of your company from anywhere via Fastly. The networking system of Fastly centres around control and reliability. Fastly enables any online site to deliver the applications faster and broadcast videos of the highest quality. In the Content Delivery section, Fastly serves the functions,

  • Reduce page load time
  • Instantly serves for always-current content.
  • Real-time logs to make the content properly visible
  • Serve the content as fast as possible
  • Quality support at the edge
  • The highly programmable feature of Fastly, namely; CDN, allows you the freedom to customize content at the edge. With the assistance of Fastly, you can satisfy your users with the exact content they want.
  • Fastly is considered to be an effective cloud platform for any agile development. It is a strong platform built by experts with robust capabilities and solid security. The Security system of Fastly includes,
  • Security alerts via Microsoft team, Jira, Slack etc.
  • Software Protect to resist any attack without any adverse effect on the performance.
  • Easily installable security applications.
  • The application of next gen Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) and Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • DDoS and bot protection
  • Protection from API threats

The site is capable of innovative and fast content delivery. The networking system of Fastly is not a larger one instead of a smarter one. The strategy and high-capacity POP allows you to transfer the data and information closer to the users to enable fast delivery.

Fastly Cloud Optimizer is located somewhere in-between CDN and origin. The cloud optimizer will delight you with the features and services without any change to your network infrastructure.

A collaboration with Fastly can reach your company to an upgraded platform. Fastly with solid security and cloud platform makes the delivery and performance incredible than ever.

To keep up the brilliant performance of Fastly, You must hire full-time developer, who are competent and dedicated to upgrade the platform. The companies must hire dedicated developers India to make their online business companies one of the best. The platform of Fastly is a need of this age.

Fastly’s customers serve all over the world with various contents via an excellent network route. The outstanding performance of Fastly meets the rising customer demands with job expertise.

You must consult with CMARIX to know more about the functions of Fastly and how you can incorporate the platform in your online business?