Enterprise mobility is making a significant impact on people’s work habits. A growing number of people are working on the move and utilizing mobile phones as well as cloud service to do business tasks. This term refers not only for mobile workers or mobile devices but also to the mobility of corporate data. For example, an employee can upload a document or presentation from his PC to a cloud storage service and then access it from a personal iPad to show to a client site.

Enterprise mobility can improve employee productivity quality, however, there may be security risks if not implemented correctly. There are Enterprise mobility management products like data loss prevention technologies which are accessible to help IT divisions address these risks. Increased productivity is a progressive goal of every business and with the global market becoming smaller enterprises are using more technology to leverage their business.

Enterprise solutions are expanding rapidly over the organizations globally and with the advancement of smartphone and exceedingly mobile applications, the mobile industry is touching new statures consistently. Mobile applications are developed for shopping, gaming, film booking, calling a handing man, searching for a doctor, hotel booking, ordering a takeaway and different activities. Here are benefits of enterprise mobility solutions that it can bring for your business:

  • Productivity increased
  • Service quality improvement
  • Unique customer service experience
  • Optimum utilization of Enterprise Resource
  • Improved decision making
  • Easy to use real-time business data anywhere

Above listed in the infographics are some very interesting Facts which will provide more insights in terms of how enterprise mobility is making an impact.