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A Delivery app

Collect your delivery
Anytime Anywhere

COUCHSHOPR offers an on-demand service to connect
Customer (Users who place orders for anything) with Drivers

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The Client


Matt Spark

About Him

Matt Spark is an American Golfer, Athlete, and Real Estate Investor with an active social media interests.

Problem Identification

During the Golf Tournaments, Matt has to travel a lot so he can not get time to pick up household items, foodies or everyday items from his busy schedule.

Augmenting Concept

To develop a platform where a Person can locate the driver nearby his/her location, through chat give item list to the driver and get delivered the items to their address.

Role of Cmarix


CMARIX was glad to work on this unique on-demand app idea provided by Mr. Sparks. We started by analyzing the details and shared a detailed flow of application along with Project engineering and Wireframe. Later we developed and deployed the fully functional application.

Proposed Solution and Wireframe:


The Challenges

Mr. Sparks basically wanted us to design a mobile app that easily suggests an individual the NEARBY driver with accurate location on Google Map and allow the individual to communicate with driver without sharing a phone number. Along with this, team CMARIX has to manage the SPLIT payment that enables the driver user to get the payment directly to his/her bank account.

Challenges bifurcation


Accurate Location of Driver

We integrated Fire base API for detecting driver’s location.


Live location Tracking

We used Google services for the Real Time Tracking Optimized.


Custom Driver Pin on Map

We crafted pin for creative user interface.


Customer Navigation

Designed for easy to use App Experience.



To Ensure transport layer software Security


Token based authentication

To prevent CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)


Information Privacy

Raffle v2.6 Encryption based security


AWS Server

Cloud to drive the Computing


Stripe Payment Gateway

Suite of payment APIs Integrated


Distributed Payment

Adaptive payment for user, driver and app owner.


Tips Factor

Assures quality delivery


Transaction Reports

Accounting, Profit & Compliance


The Solutions

Brand’s Digital Creation

CMARIX completely justified the term COUCHSHOPR with the development endeavors, right from the idea to its execution.

Concept Designing

The app that simplified household order processing and delivery system required a systematic and smart concept flow. After the login, the user can find driver and send the details of items he need to deliver.

Product Development

CMARIX developed an iPhone application where three different aspects of on-demand delivery were put together, from communicating to ordering. The development enabled to not only order and deliver but even took care of security aspects.

Maintenance & Improvement

CMARIX team is continuously working with the team to enhance the application process and maintain the quality according to latest tech updates for customer interests.

Triggering of background process for live location

Algorthm for generating Invoice

  • Trigger Background Capabilities

    Enable the permission of background capabilities to fetch the Driver’s Realtime location without significant mobile battery usage.

    For Location

  • Implement Firebase

    By implementing Firebase chat customer and driver can chat with each other without sharing their personal number.

    For Security

  • AlgorIthm for invoice

    We prepared algorithm to generate an invoice for the customers which include the total price of order, the driver’s delivery charge, tips for any driver and the commission of Couchshopr. Customer can make the payment using their credit card or debit card, and driver will receive the total amount of order + Delivery charge + Tips, and rest of the money goes to the couchshopr’s account.

    For Payment


The Results

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