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Blackberry Mobile App Development Company India

Blackberry mobile applications are being distributed globally via Blackberry World. They also provide an Enterprise App Ecosystem. Enterprise mobility market is growing at very fast speed and we provide next generation solutions for your enterprise. In fact as per recent survey, one-third of companies (32 percent) indicated that they currently use a Blackberry MDM/EMM solution, making it the most widely used brand among all MDM/EMM brands evaluated.

Blackberry Applications are known for its enterprise nature and CMARIX has wide experience in Enterprise system development irrespective of technology of business domain. With a highly skilled and experienced Blackberry app development team, we provide tailored solution for your Blackberry application as per client requirements.

Our Expertise

  • Enterprise Mobility Implementation
  • Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Server
  • Cascades Framework Implementation
  • NFC and Bluetooth Libraries
  • WebWorks SDK
  • Blackberry Digital Album Development
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Blackbberry UEM Integration SDK
  • Countly Analytics Integration
  • Blackberry Smartcard Reader App
  • Blackberry Maps Customization
  • Blackberry Dynamics for Building Secure Apps