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All people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can agree on one thing: dating is hard. You could boldly approach a stranger at your local bar, or you could ask a friend to introduce you to one of their colleagues, but if you’re like most people, you’ll probably use an online dating app instead. That’s especially true if you belong to the LGBTQ+ group, which, per a Pew Research Center survey, has twice as many adults who have used dating websites or apps as heterosexual adults.

Due to this, many popular dating apps have made efforts to be more inclusive, and what’s even better is that new LGBTQ+ best dating applications are constantly appearing. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top LGBTQ+ dating apps available for download right now to help you find your match. Others are for the queer community as a whole, while some are targeted at certain groups within the LGBTQ+ acronym, such as Grindr (which mostly targets men) or Lex (which is essentially for anyone other than straight and/or a cisgender man). Others are perfect for something a little less serious, while some are terrific options if you’re seeking for a long-term relationship. Hire mobile app developers if you wish to design an app based on your own unique concept.

Did you know Online dating Revenue is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.59% from 2022 to 2027, with a forecasted market size of US$3.41 billion by that year.

Given these statistics, it is imperative that you think about establishing an LGBT dating app for the LGBT community if you want to produce the finest dating applications like Tinder, Happn, and Bumble. Why? The main reason is that there are currently a lot of dating apps available, but there aren’t many that cater to the LGBT population, therefore your dating app still has space for improvement.

Without further ado, let’s dive into learning about the LGBTQ Dating Apps.

Listing Down the Best LGBTQ Dating Apps of 2024

1. Grindr – Gay Dating & Chat

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat

Grindr has been lauded for its role in popularizing hookup culture because it facilitates instantaneous meetings with people who may be as close as a few feet away. But make no mistake-love may also be found on Grindr. The app is especially useful if you’re of the “see now, buy now” school of thought because it places LGBTQ+ people in your area, making it simpler and faster to transition from online to Offline conversations. It also enjoys the highest level of brand recognition in the industry. Because of its popularity, the user base is especially large and therefore diverse. The software, which specializes in appealing to guys, has two versions: a free edition and a “XTRA” (with a free trial) that starts at $19.99.

The software has a built-in feature where users may disclose their HIV status and access information about sexually transmitted diseases, thereby using the platform of a dating app to raise awareness about a societal issue.

The Grindr for Equality initiative promotes the security of LGBTQ+ citizens in dangerous nations.

2. Scruff – Gay Chat, Dating & Social

Scruff - Gay Chat, Dating & Social

Scruff, which appeared in the app market in 2010 after Grindr but before Tinder, is currently the second most popular gay male dating/hookup app. Scruff is a gay social networking app that is similar to Grindr but aimed towards an edgier, more manly clientele. So, Scruff might be a better option than Grindr if you identify as an otter, cub, bear, or wolf.

Scruff’s CEO, Eric Silverberg, disputes the notion that the app is only a hook-up site. Our hearts are warmed by the many success stories of members who have found their life companions through SCRUFF. Scruff, an app for the gay, bi, trans, and queer community, stands out from the crowd with its innovative “Scruff Match” function, which ensures that single men looking for dates are only shown other single men who are also interested in romantic connections.

When using an app like Scruff, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd? An unfiltered photo of your face will shine out in a crowd of shoulder shots and hazy selfies. Scruff is free, but Scruff Pro, which gives limitless search, filters, and the ability to arrange your grid of prospective matches, is available for $19.99/month.

In addition, the app notifies users of local LGBT events where they can meet like-minded individuals.

3. Her – Lesbian Queer & Bi Dating

Her - Lesbian Queer & Bi Dating

People who identify as straight and cisgender are essentially the only ones excluded. Despite being designed as a dating app, it also serves as a social media app in some ways. It offers a feed that lets you view what other users of the app are doing, quite similar to Facebook’s. For instance, you can join “communities” to meet individuals who share your interests, and you can discover upcoming gay events in your region by visiting the event page.

Since its debut, this app has placed a high priority on providing a wonderful user experience while focusing on the distinctive behaviour and community interests of queer women. The software showcases 18 gender identities and 17 sexualities, and users can add several pronouns to their profiles. Communities have been established by the app to link its users with others who share their identities. These gender identities range from women to gender non-conforming, agender, pangender, non-binary, two-spirit, and more. The most popular and cost-free app for LGBT women is this one. It also provides premium memberships, which begin at $14.99 a month.

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4. Hinge – Dating & Relationships

Hinge - Dating & Relationships

Hinge sets itself apart from the rest by using personality-disclosing questions to help matches get to know one another better. Additionally, Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, met Chasten through this application. “a representative for the app claims. “The objective of Hinge is to get all users off the app and out on a nice date, and eventually for users to permanently remove the app. For the time being, you can either pay to become a Preferred Member (monthly subscriptions start at $19.99) or download the app for free.

During the epidemic, a video chat feature was also enabled, allowing you to go on a virtual first date. As an added bonus, unlike on Tinder, you’re considerably less likely to encounter heterosexual people who are interested in fetishes. Sometimes the most effective gay dating app is one made for straight users.

5. Hornet – Queer Social Network

Hornet - Queer Social Network

In 2011, Hornet was created as a “better version of Grindr,” but now it boasts 30 million members across the globe, including the United States, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia. According to Hornet CEO Christof Wittig, “Our objective is to build a digital home where LGBT guys feel like they belong and are supported-and also where they might find Mr. Right.” Hornet is less of a dating app and more of a social app that aims to foster genuine relationships amongst its users. Although this software is free, it also has a paid version available for $9.99/month, like many others.

There are several pictures and articles available within the Hornet App. This dating app’s major goal is to favour community platforms over just gay dating sites. Progressively, it has risen to the top of the list of the best gay hookup apps.

6. Jack’d – Gay Chat & Dating

Jack'd - Gay Chat & Dating

Aiming to be “the most diverse digital queer space in the world,” Jack’d claims this title for itself. It is among the best gay dating apps. CEO Eric Silverberg (who also manages Scruff) claims the app has a reputation for providing a safe space where people can be themselves and make relationships without experiencing the bigotry or harassment that is all too typical in the app’s genre. It caters to the acronym’s GBTQ letters, like Scruff. “We work hard to make Jack’d a genuine safe space, where people can be upfront with their sexuality and their emotions, and as a result, Jack’d is one of the finest locations for QPOC to meet people and form new connections.” According to Silverberg, Jack’d initially concentrated on the queer community of colour through its advertising, endorsements, and social networks. This effort is still being made today. The Pro edition of Jack’d costs $9.99 a month and is available for free.

7. Lex – Queer Friends & Dating

Lex - Queer Friends & Dating

In 2017, Kelly Rakowski created the wildly popular Instagram account @personals, where she posted user-submitted, text-based personal ads from queer, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary people looking for love. These ads were similar to those found in the back of newspapers and magazines. The result was the creation of the free dating app called Lex, which stands for Lexicon. Lex, like the original Instagram account, features advertisements with a 34-character title, a 300-character body, and the opportunity to link to an Instagram account in an effort to get users to focus on what people have to say rather than how they look.

There is a strong emphasis on fostering community, and hatred is not tolerated. Though occasionally glitchy, the app is still a good choice.

8. Planet Romeo – Gay Dating & Chat

Planet Romeo - Gay Dating & Chat

The PlanetRomeo app, created in Germany, ranks among the top LGBT dating applications available. It was introduced in 2002 and is the most popular dating site among LGBT people all over the world. This is one of the best gay chat apps. As it enables users to make video calls and engage in instant messaging. This online dating app’s most crucial feature is its ability to show how many people actually know each user, which indicates how legitimate their accounts are.

9. Feeld -Date Couples & Singles

Feeld -Date Couples & Singles

Founded in 2014, the LGBTQ+-friendly dating app Feeld welcomes users of all genders and sexual orientations and identifies as a platform “where people can be true to oneself while also being respectful towards others.” For polyamorous couples or couples wishing to explore together, the app gives its users a choice of more than 20 gender and sexual identity possibilities as well as the possibility to link profiles with a partner.

According to Lyubov Sachkova, the organization’s communications lead, “this seeks to legitimize unusual relationship patterns and ethical non-monogamy.” The software is available for free download or for a monthly fee of $11.98, which unlocks additional features like the opportunity to see who has already liked you.

10. JSwipe – Jewish Dating App

JSwipe - Jewish Dating App

Although JSwipe is a dating app targeted at the Jewish community, its founder David Yarus claims that it was created with a universalist attitude. The lovely thing about JSwipe is that it’s designed to be used to assist you in finding love, whatever that entails and appears to be for you. The LGBTQ+ Jewish community has claimed that we are the only Jewish app or website that permits that, but we sincerely hope that is not the case.

Additionally, anyone who appreciates Jewish culture is welcome to utilize the app, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. Although it’s free, First Class, a paid, premium subscription, is available for $17.99/month.

What’s the verdict?

All of these LGBTQ dating app alternatives meet various purposes. So, if one doesn’t work, “Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again”, in the immortal words of Frank Sinatra.

If you are looking to create the best LGBT dating apps you can contact the best mobile app development company. They have some competent developers who can assist you in coming up with something truly unique and original. Our recommendation is to outsource app development.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this blog! We hope that you find the ideal match for you.! Keeping swiping right on love!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Gay Dating Apps Are the Top Free Options?

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of online dating in recent years. There is a wide variety of both free and paid app options to choose from. Grindr is the top free gay dating app.

2. How to make money by developing an LGBTQ app?

When you Hire Mobile App Developers, app monetization strategies can be integrated within the app, such as Freemium and paid subscriptions, to get access to more comprehensive features. You can include advertisements and an in-app purchase feature to make money on your app.

3. Which is the best LGBT dating app development company?

CMARIX is a leading Dating App Development Company and has successfully developed dating apps for global brands.

4. Where can I go for more information about LGBT dating Apps?

You should visit our blog for detailed insights about LGBT dating apps.

5. What is the best gay dating app for serious relationships?

Since every app available is made for a different purpose, we can’t suggest one in particular for serious relationships. Using the same, someone may or may not discover a committed relationship. Numerous variables affect it! All we can say is that you should at least try it.