Can you do us a favor? Yes? Open up the app store. What did you see? Everything cluttered up? In case, you are in need of an app for a particular task, you may be stunned with choices, as most of them have the same functionality. The businesses today, have acknowledged the value of mobile application development and trying their best to gain an edge in this digital world.

The figures convey that, there are more than 3 million apps available on App stores

The stats are apparent, as 90 of the top 100 brands have launched at least one mobile app, and that’s enough to create a cut-throat competition.

Appreneur’s “Secrets to Success

Ensuring that your app accomplishes the goal of proper navigation, best UI-UX, or development is only half the battle. In the pursuit of getting noticed, positively reviewed, and downloaded, the first step is to forget about creating an interactive app.

#Secret1: Points You Should Not Miss In “Preface”

Development, design, and testing are an inevitable phase of mobile app development. But, prior you get involved in designing the user interface, ensure you know the answer for the question: “Is your app worth enough to make a profit?”

The questions will definitely surround you with following aspects:

  • Strategy – Identify the reasons behind creating this application and how it will benefit the users.

– Ask Yourself: Is There A Market For This App?

– Listen To Your Audience: Know the feedback about your idea and ask if there are any particular feature, they would like to see.

  • Design – Analyze how the application will give users the flexibility to use, feel and look for users and rectify the changes accordingly. Because,

– “If the UX is not easy to understand, the user won’t stay there for long. The stats are, 90% of users have used it once and later deleted”

  • Development – Build a wireframe and with a proper timeline, milestone and timeframe.

– Simplify the technology use with the user experience for easy use of customers.

  • Marketing – Work out on the networks and group of people you can pursue to sell your service/product.

– Form a fan base prior you monetize

– Capture buyers email

– Ensure your app has a social side

– Follow your users

    • Development, design and testing are inevitable phase of mobile app development
  • Maintenance – Definitely, the app idea is unique and you don’t want to let it down because of poor maintenance. There’s a room for improvement always, so allow your app to upgrade on a timely basis and welcome continual growth.

#Secret2: Most Imperative Elements Of A Successful Mobile Application

  • Ensure The Bond Between Best Friends “UI and UX” Stay Strong

Probably you would come across applications that take enough time to load the media and information you required. Is it? Or you have filled a form and just because you have entered a wrong number, you have to start all over again. It’s infuriating, we know. The app looked good, but the UX didn’t convey you to use it. The user will certainly delete the app when the user experience design is neglected.

The user’s rough behavior will clear the picture about the quality of your UX. Along with UI, interactive UX Design development is critical in engaging the users and eliciting an emotional response. UX can be one of the differences in the crowd for any startup business.

How our team of dedicated UI/UX designers can help you? They will ensure you stand-out from rest.

  • Keep Eye Peeled To Mobile App Architecture

A well-structured mobile app is essential to aid in the process of rapid development of mobile apps as it helps you with the proper level of integration with the current system. With this, you can even improve the functionality of the application, like the users can enjoy fast downloads, quick responses, simple interactions, better screen transitions and more. A good mobile architecture ensures about using a right platform, tool, and technology that makes sure about the reusability of code for quick development.

As a mobile application embraces different components and modules for multiple functionalities, it should be thoroughly tested for a consistent and flawless performance. Testing will ensure your app to be scalable and robust.

  • Bear In Mind The ‘Business Purpose’

So, we can assume till now you have made up your mind on having a mobile solution for your business. But have you ever considered the following points?

– If a website is the cash cow of the business you can think about developing a mobile website which will have all handheld devices rather than a mobile application.

– If the application will not need an Internet connection, having a mobile application is of no meaning.

– If an application needs a GPS, mail or client integration, having a native application will be a wise decision.

Considering business purpose & facts should be the foremost goal of technology consultants. Gauge the essential objective of launching the application.

  • Pay Attention To App Review Guidelines

Seems, now you are done with the endeavors of designing, development, and testing, so now what? Yes, you are thinking it right, it’s time to launch the mobile application. No matter it is an iOS application or an Android application, the respective stores of each application have a stringent set of guidelines that every mobile app developer must follow.

Launching your mobile app on Appstore is always a dismaying task but it’s inevitable. If you keep updating the application that may lead to application’s rejection. In few cases, with the application review guidelines, you can simplify the process. Take care of following:

– A well-framed ASO strategy is crucial for making the customers understand the proper use of an application.

– A unique name for better branding presence.

– A compelling description with right keywords and try to describe it in simple language, instead of making it complex.

– A unique icon can make your first impression

The time you work on the icon design, bear in mind that both App Store and Google Play have a different approach of rendering app icons. iTunes and Google Play Store have preset rules and standards for different factors like size, color, and scheme of app icons.

Buckle down on each parameter mentioned above, as only a “GOOD” mobile application has the competence to interact proficiently with users and helps you to achieve business goals.