If you’re into eCommerce business then you would have definitely realized that picking right platform could make or break your business.There are several eCommerce platforms to choose from. Some of them are Self-hosted system some of them are Cloud-based otherwise known as SASS (Software as Service). Among all of them, Shopify has created an alternate eCommerce ecosystem. It is among the most popular hosted solution for eCommerce.

Shopify is an out-of-the-box eCommerce solution that gives all that you’ll need to set up and start the trade online. It provides tools to help organize your products, customise your storefront, accept credit card payments, and track and respond to orders and more. According to statistics, Shopify empowers more than 500,000 active Shopify Stores and the platform processes over $46 billion worth of online sales. Whether you are selling products or services, Shopify is one of leading eCommerce platform to be considered for your choice. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and caters to a broad range of industries. There are many benefits proving why Shopify is one of the most successful and popular eCommerce platforms. Let’s explore some of the interesting benefits of Shopify.

  • Fully hosted eCommerce solution

As a hosted solution, Shopify deals with all website hosting prerequisites as well as maintaining and updating the software which is up and running even when unexpected volumes of traffic visit your website. In other words, Shopify allows vendors to focus less on the technology, so they can devote more attention to actually running their store.

  • Scalability

Shopify has the capabilities to scale with your business. It offers a number of plans, and scaling your business is possible essentially by upgrading or downgrading your Shopify plan. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, though the Higher plans come with more features and lower credit card rates, so that the more you sell, the less you’ll pay as an expense per transaction.

  • Omnichannel

When it comes to selling across different channels, Shopify definitely comes out on top in terms of built-in capabilities. It has its own point-of-sale system complete with a card reader that lets merchants sell on the go or in a brick-and-mortar store. And with its partnership with Facebook and Pinterest, Shopify merchants can integrate their stores with these social networks, and allow their customers to complete purchases without having to leave Facebook or Pinterest.

Standardize Documentation

Shopify’s documentation is phenomenal, whether you’re searching for a step-by-step guide to setting up your store – or you have a particular, technical question – you should find precisely what you are searching for.It’s set out in a very simple, clear configuration; the depth of knowledge-sharing is exceptionally impressive indeed.

An Excellent App and Theme Stores

It is difficult for developers to get their themes accepted by Shopify, which means that you can trust that you’ll be getting a professional standard theme with great documentation and a reliable support service once you buy any. Similarly, Shopify’s App Store has been a real success. Most apps are available for a small monthly expense and help you to ensure that your store has the unique functionality that it needs to maximise your sales. You don’t need apps to run a Shopify store, yet best organizations find that the extra expense is worth it.

Highly Secure

One of the biggest boundaries that eCommerce stores confront is credibility when it comes to security. Although customers are much less concerned about internet security than they were a decade ago, we still tend to feel more comfortable making payments to bigger, well-known stores than to companies we’ve never heard of. Running your store through Shopify helps to maintain that credibility. You will have the alternative of payment gateways and, crucially, Shopify is SSL and Level 1 PCI compliant. This implies that your customers’ data is just secure with your store.

Responsive Checkout

Shopify’s Responsive Checkout is free and accessible to all Shopify clients and it’s easily one of the best checkouts out there. Security is vital when you’re handing people’s bank details, and so is the design and functionality of your checkout page. Shopify has gone to great lengths to ensure that their clients have the absolute best checkout to them. It’s clean, minimalistic, professional and very reliable – exactly what you need to ensure that your customers complete their transaction. The standard package checkouts all follow the same layout/functionality which allows basic branding of your checkout page.

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Built-in SEO

There are always differences when you move from one platform to another. It’s quite likely that Shopify’s URL structure will be different to your previous store. You additionally approach advanced analytics to tell you where your customers are originating from so you can tailor your marketing accordingly.

Customer Support Service

If you experience any issues with your online shop, Shopify will provide you the support you need to solve them. You can get in touch with the Shopify support staff through live chat, telephone, or email. They are available all throughout the day and can find a solution to your problem in no time. These are the Shopify benefits you can get when you use it for your online business venture. It is one of the best investments you will make if you want to sell products and services online.

Shopify is packed with tons of features to help you launch and manage your online store. Shopify is a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses. With Shopify, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything ranging from social selling and beautiful design to international sales and powerful integrations. As Shopify experts, we provide expertise and support to help you thrive in a competitive e-commerce environment.