Website speed is one of the most crucial factors which has a direct impact on the success or failure of an online presence. Most websites and applications with which people interact with consistently runs out of one physical location, whereby content on the site or application such as images, text, and video still needs to venture out over wires to the whole world. Users with not so high-speed connections often have an unsatisfactory experience because of loading and low quality, specifically while reviewing live events or if they are located far from the hosting servers. This creates an inconsistent and frustrating user experience.

To overcome this challenge Content Delivery Network (CDN) was developed. CDN is basically a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver web pages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user.

It is a globally distributed network of web servers having an intention to give quicker conveyance and exceptionally accessible content. The content is imitated throughout the CDN so it exists in many places all at the same time. By using this you can cache your content on a CDN so it’s conveyed from the edge to your end clients much faster. It also removes and updates the content repeatedly, so that the most current, relevant content is delivered. The main aim of a CDN is to enhance the user experience and provide it with more efficient network resource utilization.

Cloudflare is a very popular CDN provider. Following diagram depicts the value it adds to any website user.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Benefits of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Decrease Server Load

Network loads are typically higher during peak times because of the number of visitors on a server utilizing resources and thus decreasing performance for all others. Diverting visitors to edge servers implies adjusting network load. If a network disruption is less than you get better user experience and more conversion. Consequently, multiple website users will be able to use websites without any obstacles.

Faster Content Delivery

CDNs place servers nearby to the group of peoples and due to this latency & packet loss are reduced as it travels through a short distance. Probably, closer the content is to the user, faster the delivery occurs. Therefore the user will experience overall improved streaming quality. Due to this reason, users using CDN do not normally experience speed failures when streaming media.

Asset Delivery Control

Another important feature of CDN technology is that it has more control of asset delivery and network load. Administrators can convey real-time load statistics, optimize range per customer, display active resources, indicate which resources are popular, and report viewing of interest to their customers. These points of interest are critical since user logs are deactivated once the server source has been added to the content delivery network.

Enable Global Search

CDNs provide solutions to the waiting issues through cloud advancement with community points of presence (POPs) over the globe. This worldwide range will open a business to all edges of the world by eliminating any issue that may be terminating online transactions and influencing deals.

Increased reliability

The content observed through a CDN is more genuine with respect to operators delivering HD quality videos while providing a high quality of service. The main purpose of CDN is to make everything faster by using acceleration technology which increases the performance and reliability of all content within that system, emerging in better customer satisfaction & expanded Sales.

Reduced Redundancy

Without CDN, it is easier for server malfunctions to break a website. With CDN, this risk is decreased because the user will be coordinated to another server quickly. This is possible because servers are distributed across various geographical areas.

Data Integrity

CDN provides assurance of consistency of data. This is possible because updated data/content is quickly reflected to various servers. Website owners always wish to keep their website users upgraded with the fresh content to keep their relevancy, and CDN verified them of this.


With the ever-growing Internet-based threats, the security provided by CDN is significantly more imperative. CDN gives security to website owners by absorbing and balancing potential threats. CDN systems can accomplish this because of their large scale and capability to hide details of customers’ origin servers.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have revolutionized web hosting during the last few years. Instead of hosting your website on a single server, we can distribute the files and load across multiple systems. With the expanding digital world, this is the right time to consult with a startup consulting company and audit your website; make the necessary improvement to make it better and faster than before.