Real estate is one of the growing businesses which have been in trend always and will remain so for the future as well. Owning a home is always a dream of any individual and the real estate business is a way to bring that dream into reality. Thus, the real estate business plays a very crucial role in everyone’s life which keeps this business rolling even in tough times of global pandemic.

Now, if we look into the details of this business, there are many factors that combine together to get your dream of home come true. The overall look, the size, the areas, availability of shops, schools, colleges in nearby areas, and similarly many other factors help one in deciding their private space. These many features of the real estate project enhances the value of the product along with the word of mouth. Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco has brought technical advancement in this field.

The three-dimensional videos and the virtual reality tour of the project are some of the new ways of searching any real estate property. It gives the real-life experience to the customers where they can actually imagine everything about their home like the placement of furniture and decorating the balconies with flowerpots and this helps them to make a faster decision. This is only possible if we hire dedicated iOS App Programmers.

Looking at the competition in this field, there is an urge by every real estate business owner to offer the best of all services. The entrepreneurs have also adopted the future-proof Real estate trends that keep you on top. And for this, many of the owners have turned online and are available on mobile applications as well. The customers also are so tied up with their work, that they only prefer to browse the maximum information through the real estate business application. Be it purchasing a home, or lending the house on rent, or selling the property, or comparing the two different properties, the mobile apps are the one-stop solution for all of these services, and they are being very fruitful.

Below mentioned are some of the innovative real estate app ideas on the basis of which the real estate business applications can be built easily,

7 Best Real Estate App Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

1. App for Listing the Real Estate Projects

Real Estate App

It is the primary work of any app to get listed the named, famed, and good real estate business owners. More the database of the app, the more is the reach of the app to the general public. Some of the features which can make this app in successful way are listed below,

  • Sending push notifications
  • Developing the search filters
  • Smart searches by the upcoming AI

The properties can be listed in three different ways:

  • If the property listed is for sale and rent
  • If the property listed is for sale only
  • If the property listed is available for rent only

This helps to create a very comprehensive listing which helps the user to provide with the required information once they are logged in successfully in the app.

2. App for Viewing the Locality

App for Viewing the Locality

Locality is one of the primary factors in the real estate business on which depends the current as well as the future price of the property. This factor is usually ignored by the builders and taken in consideration by the consumers or the users.

The visitors usually look for some important things which they consider to be must around tare hospital, school, college, banks, restaurants, parks etc. One can also enquire about the safety of the locality, how far it is from the local police station. They also look for the people living outside or may in their neighborhood as this is a lifetime decision for them.

real estate app development

3. App for Virtual Tour

App for Virtual Tour

It is considered to be one of the best and renown apps. The AR and VR technologies have enabled the 360-degree with panoramic view of the property. Also, one can check the nearby areas and availability of the necessary arrangements. This feature gives the user the feeling as if they are in their own home and this starts fascinating people to get the bookings done at the earliest.

It is also considered as one of the great marketing gimmicks where the videos leave a very long-lasting experience on the customer’s mind.

Some of the features are:

  • Buttons and Hotspots
  • Sharing on social media
  • Integrated maps
  • 3-D models
  • Tools related to VR

4. App for Managing the Leads

App for Managing the Leads

Once the property gets listed then the number of enquiries starts flowing which is not just from one side but some of them want to buy in a particular location and some want to sell the property.

Thus, the new enquiries keep on floating which need the equal attention which is equivalent to the existing customers. So, having such an app which leads all the major works in the office. This application enables one to promote the business on the social media platform, the chat boxes, customer care service, IVR etc.

Below mentioned are some of the key features which this app should have:

  • Maintaining the records
  • Handling the previous documents
  • Managing the separate sheet.
  • Collaboration with the brand
  • Handling the generated leads

5. App for Online Auction

App for Online Auction

Auction is considered to be one good medium for making the transparent property deals. It is one of the great and successful marketing strategies as well where people come to know about the auctions in a very professional manner with proper time and venue.

Once the users are aware of the details about the auction, they just need to sign up on the respective app and they will join the application quite accordingly.

6. App for Maintaining the Huge Library of the Documents

Documents play a very important role in the real estate business. If one has to buy or place someone on rent or any other kind of engagement of his home, then it is compulsory to submit the separate documents of queries.

The mobile app exclusively for maintaining the documents, not just collects all the related documents sequence wise but also categorizes them accordingly. This helps in assortment of the documents and is easy to show if someone comes.

7. App for Calculation

The mobile applications which are exclusively designed to calculate the mortgage that would be charged to the respective person who is planning to buy the property or other parameters.

The calculator not just creates the brand value of the property owner but also helps in calculating the expenses required in repair. It helps to calculate the exact cost and that too in a short period of time.

Benefits of Having Real Estate Apps:

The real estate applications come with the multiple benefits which are listed below:

  • Having so many different features and buttons in one single app gives a lot many options to the person or children to explore. Not just this, but one also comes to know about the vlog, who are the competitors and what are we serving.
  • Clear communication becomes the key to the real estate business. When the documents and papers are so organized, then it does not take time to redirect the iOS App Programmers to reflect, and this open communication gives a chance to get the queries resolved.
  • Improvised productivity – As this app would be using the whole feature of the smartphone then making any calculation or generating the properties occupancy ratio or be it any information, it can be calculated in fraction of second and that too in a right door.

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The real estate business is one the widely spread business with lots and lots of paperwork, thus getting something where all your documents are organized properly, all the queries are assorted as per the importance. Thus, it signifies that it’s high time to sanitize the business and upgrade one level up to match with competition and unseen natural calamities like the global pandemic.