We are currently living in times with fastest technology adaptation rate in the history of mankind. It can easily be noticed when you look around and find people with different gadgets like smartphone, wearable devices, tablets, laptop and many more. Instant gratification is the need of the hour whether it is in terms of ordering some food, booking a taxi or doing shopping. Mobile Apps are providing paradigm shift to people in the way things are being done.

To lead the competition and ensure business growth you must have mobile application of your business. Many startups & entrepreneurs are coming up with novel app ideas which are being implemented across the globe. Some are doing great, some are average and some fail. Like any other thing in life iOS App development requires a structure approach, strategic planning and meticulous execution.

Today, there are about 800,000 applications in the iOS App Store. It’s hard to emerge from the group and persuade clients to download your application in the versatile business sector. To get downloads and manufacture an unwavering client base, you require an extraordinary application advertising technique.

Assuming you have implemented the necessary steps for App store optimization, there are several steps which you can take in order to Market your Mobile App:

1. Promotional Website

Having a promotional website for your mobile application is a fundamental step to App marketing. Plan an elegant website which tells more about the application & have a call to action button which takes them to download the App. Create a blog which features interesting and creative content about app. It’s really effective. Using traditional Search Engine Optimization technique by having targeted keyword. By this you can get high visibility on different search engines. Don’t forget to ensure your promotional website is mobile friendly/ responsive.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is must for any product or services. Quick facts about social media:

  • 98% of marketing managers use social media as part of their strategy
  • Facebook has over 1.49 billion monthly Active users
  • Linkedin has over 365 million registered users
  • Google+ has over 550 million active users
  • Twitter has over 315 million active users

Amazing isn’t it! You need to leverage these social media platforms for your App Marketing. Create your presence in different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin & share your application to a targeting following. Create a Facebook Page, follower base in twitter, blog post sharing on several Google+ communities, image sharing on Pinterest and social sharing over Linkedin communities.

This way your application will have organic penetration among the user base. Use attractive images, infographics and visual substance from your application to make content on your Pinterest board.

3. Promotional Video & Images

A picture says a thousand words. Images & Video are much better way to market as compared to just textual content. Create demo video for your app and share it on different platforms so that people get to know what your app is without installing it. Design creative images for your app and share it.

4. Review Sites

There are several free & Paid App review sites. Do your research & make a list of Top sites which we are providing free review for your App. Stay away from junk sites. Contact the concerned person from the review site or blog and provide them specific information which will help them understand about your app, the USP and benefit which people can receive while using it. This will help them put your app in the right context and elaborate on it accordingly. In terms of paid review there are many sites which are not that useful but charge nominal amount to get paid review. Don’t fall in this trap. If your concept is good and you are connecting with right people to promote the same, it will be reviewed & listed.

You can find list of 160 websites where you can submit your iOS Mobile App for review here:

5. Traditional Marketing

Although digital marketing is becoming inevitable traditional marketing is also required for your iOS App marketing. Traditional App marketing ideas include:

  • Promoting your App using Local Radio
  • Your iOS App being featured by local Television show
  • Sending flyers out to targeting audience in specific geography
  • Have your app being advertised in Free newspapers
  • Having a marketing representative showcasing the App banner/ concept at busy down town area.

iOS App marketing strategy can be in form of Organic Marketing or Burst Marketing. It totally depends on the concept of the Application. Ensure you develop a creative iOS mobile application and take strategic approach to define your marketing plan. Keep an eye open to see what is working and what is not. Take corrective action based on the experience and you will have the required result.