The sudden increase in the number of online shoppers owing to the pandemic has undoubtedly created a massive change in the ecommerce sector. This has led to the rise in the number of online stores as more and more businesses are eager to build an impressive digital presence. Apart from gaining more customers, eCommerce stores also help in the overall increase of sales and revenue. However, designing an eCommerce website is not as easy as it sounds. There are various pitfalls that can cost businesses customers and revenue. For this, you need to recruit the best ecommerce development company. In that case, choosing CMARIX is an excellent idea.

eCommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that the digital buyers count in 2021 is 2.14 billion across the globe? That is a clear indication that more and more eCommerce stores are increasing. In fact, the global eCommerce market is projected to reach $6 trillion within 2024.

That is why it is vital that you refrain from making any mistakes while designing the eCommerce website platforms. Even the slightest ones can have a deadly effect on the revenue and lead to customer loss. Take a look at these mistakes

  1. Incompatibility with Mobile Devices

Without a doubt, a large number of customers use mobile devices to search on the web for different services and products. The increasing number of iOS and Android devices means that the eCommerce website needs to be compatible with various platforms and devices.

As a result, developers need to concentrate on the eCommerce store’s user experience and user interface. That way, the site will be compatible with various device screens. Moreover, you need to make sure that the site looks perfectly in small as well as long screens.

  1. Poor Quality Images

One of the worst mistakes you can make while designing an eCommerce website is integrating low quality images with the products or services. It is vital to understand that pictures play a crucial role in luring customers to make the purchase. If the image is not compelling or stunning, customers will lose interest in the product right away.

Moreover, you must refrain from using stock images. Using stock images doesn’t lend any credibility to your brand. You need to stand apart from others. That is why compelling visuals are imperative to sell your product or services. Besides, you must also show different angles of the item for the buyers.

Hire Expert eCommerce Website Developers
  1. Faulty Navigation

With time, the navigational aspect of the website has improved significantly. With eCommerce sites, you need to set up a reliable and attractive landing page. Apart from that, you also need to make sure that the navigation is simple and user-friendly.

While designing the eCommerce site, you need to ensure that there is seamless navigation for the site. For this, Hire NodeJS Developer.

  1. Slow Loading Page

Slow Loading PageUsually, the average time that it takes to load a web page is about 2 seconds. If your eCommerce site takes more than that, then you can expect users to leave the site. There are a wide variety of factors that determine the loading page speed of the website. These include internet speed, hosting server, etc.

One of the most crucial aspects of eCommerce website design is making sure that there is an optimal loading speed. Moreover, the homepage must load much more quickly when compared to other web pages. With a high loading speed, you can increase the customer conversion rate considerably.

  1. Selection of Ineffective Plugins

Sometimes, the choice of an inefficient theme can lead to a bad website design for your eCommerce store. Basing your choice of theme on how it looks is not a good idea. You must take note of the features and then set up a prototype to see how it will actually look. Now, you can estimate the user experience of the visitors. It is vital that you opt for the right theme as it can influence the user experience to a great extent.

After you get an idea of the user experience you want, it becomes easy to build a custom theme for your eCommerce store. Moreover, you can also add plugins to optimize the user experience. For that, make sure that you only select verified plugins from genuine sources.

  1. Excessive Use of Pop-ups

Excessive Use of Pop-ups

In some cases, pop-ups can be extremely annoying and frustrating. It leads to an unsatisfactory user experience leading to cart abandonment. Getting constant messages on the screen in the form of pop-ups can cause distraction.

That is why you must reduce the use of pop-ups as much as possible. Keep in mind not to use pop-us in the checkout section. After all, you don’t want to lose customers at the last stage.

In case you want to integrate pop-ups, make sure that they can be closed quickly without much fuss. Hire Node.JS developers for best results.

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  1. Neglecting Trust

In an eCommerce store, there are various elements that promote the trust of the customers. You need to make a bond with the customers so that they can be confident enough to share their private details.

For instance, the addition of Trustmark and customer testimonials is an excellent idea. Moreover, you can also add product reviews. That will aid the potential buyers in gathering more information.

Apart from that, eCommerce stores must fill out the About Us, Contact Us, and FAQs. Besides, you must also integrate live chat or chatbots to improve customer service. You can also add more information to the header and footer on the website.

Moreover, you must also integrate social media links to promote your brand with ease. With these links, you aid in increasing the visibility of the products or services.

  1. Difficulty in Locating Products

Difficulty in Locating ProductsOne of the most vital parameters you need to consider while designing the eCommerce website is that customers need to easily locate the right products. If they have trouble finding a particular product, then they are bound to get annoyed. As per Google, if a site takes more than 4 seconds to offer user results, it will definitely increase the bounce rate.

That is why you need to add significant filters while looking for products. For instance, you can include color, price range, size, model, pattern, etc.

  1. Complicated Checkout Process

If you think a complex checkout process will bring you more customers, you are highly mistaken. You need to make the checkout process as simple as possible. If the customer needs to put in extra effort, chances are they will leave your site without shopping. Moreover, it also leads to a poor shopping experience.

Here, the best solution is to keep the checkout process simple. Besides, it should take 1-2 steps to complete the purchase process. Apart from this, you also need to display a detailed list consisting of shipping costs, taxes, etc.

  1. Lack of Proper Customer Support

Lack of Proper Customer Support

It is vital that you integrate excellent customer support for your site. Nowadays, buyers are not ready to stand in a queue for assistance. They need their queries resolved right away. You need to make sure that your eCommerce store offers top-rated customer support.

Moreover, you must also integrate customer support ways. For instance, you can choose chatbots and live chat to interact with the visitors. If people can connect with you with ease, they will not have any grudges.

Besides, the customer support team must be efficient, reliable, and polite. They need to handle different customers with grace and listen to their queries with patience.

  1. Issues with Refunds

Sometimes, customers are not happy with the products they receive. If they are eligible for a refund, they use it. Here, the eCommerce sites usually take 2-3 days to return the payment. However, you need to make sure that the payment is refunded as soon as possible. Moreover, you need to keep track of whether the refund process is completed or not. If customers feel cheated or do not get back the refund, it’s bad for your business.

  1. Vague Product Description

Till now, voice integration is not a part of eCommerce sites. It means that the only way you can reach out to the consumers is via text, images, and videos. That is why you need to focus on product description. After selecting a high-quality picture, the next priority should be the description below. It must be accurate, concise, and informative. If you give fuzzy details that don’t really offer any help, then you will lose customers. Moreover, you also need to highlight the beneficial aspects and the USP of the product in the description part.


These are the mistakes that you can avoid while designing the eCommerce website. It is important that you consider these errors and do not repeat them. After all, a financial loss or customer churn can have a devastating effect on the business. To set up the best eCommerce site, you need to hire the leading eCommerce Development Company. For this, you can choose CMARIX. Here, you will get a comprehensive digital solution for your eCommerce website. Moreover, you can rely on an expert team of developers to offer excellent services.