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How Can “Agile” Approach Really Revolutionise Customer Experience?

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9 Key Things to Consider for Fixing An Unsuccessful Mobile App Project

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Deepfake: The Next Big Challenge for Content Marketer

At a time when fake news comprising both doctored videos and images accompanied by credible sounding text is increasingly proving as a major threat to the media, publications, and content marketing industry, there are actually bigger challenges are in the... Keep Reading

Successful Music App Development: Key Principles and Considerations

Thanks to mobile apps out relation with music listening have changed completely. Thanks to all kinds of mobile music apps turning on favorite tracks anytime and anywhere became just a job of simpler finger taps. No wonder, music apps remains... Keep Reading

Hybrid Apps vs React Native: Why Startups Find the Later as More Effective?

The principal motivation behind choosing hybrid apps is the faster pace of development achieved through a number of smart shortcuts. Well, this is why hybrid apps remained the most popular approach for cross-platform development. Hybrid apps are also an inexpensive... Keep Reading