Magento is a leading open source eCommerce platform used by more than 240,000 businesses globally. Initially released back in 2008 and got took over by eBay in 2011 it has grown with leaps and bounds. Magento comes with a free "Magento Community edition", a paid "Magento enterprise edition" as well as a "Magento Go". Magento community edition is the most popular version used by eCommerce across the globe.

Following are few of the many reasons why there is a growing demand of Magento:

1. Security: Ensuring that the platform is secure is must for any eCommerce business specially when it's dealing with payment processing as well as sensitive customer data. Magento Enterprise edition even comes with Secure Payment Bridge which provides PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

2. Scalability: Magento is built to scale from 1 to a million, avoiding common pitfalls for developers. eCommerce businesses evolve with time and grow rapidly in terms of the business model and service offerings. This is where the Magento provides USP as it can easily be built upon and businesses can have systematic managed growth for their business.

3. Robust Framework: Magento is considered to be the most robust open source framework suited for eCommerce business. It's architecture is designed to have several thousand products, users and sustain heavy traffic. It can easily handle in excess of 500k products and more than 85k orders per hour. Moreover, this capability can be enhanced with further performance optimization as well as customization.

4. Feature Rich: Magento comes with builtin standard features like up-sell, marketing modules, product bundles, stock management etc, which are required in any eCommerce store. At the same time it provides features which supports Multi-lingual, Multi- currency as well as Multi-stores.

5. Search Engine Friendly: Every online business needs complete onsite as well as offsite SEO optimization. Magento is very search engine friendly in terms of managing SEO friendly URLs, Meta Description, generating dynamic sitemaps and so on. SEO optimization with Magento becomes very handy specially when the website is having huge among of products.

6. Ease of Third Party Integration: eCommerce platforms needs integration with several third parties like Payment gateways, Merchant APIs, Logistic & Shipping APIs and so on. Magento provides seamless collaboration with various third-party providers so your business can have leverage and implementation is simplified.

7. Open Source:  Yes! Magento community edition is Open source and it comes Free. There are businesses making a annual turnover in excess of $40m USD per annum using this open source platform. Imagine how much leverage your eCommerce business can achieve using the same.

8. Huge Community Support: Magento being a widely used open source it has lots of community support in terms of the businesses using Magento as well as development community bring out new themes and plugins for the same. It has a very fast growing versatile community.

With rapid transformation into retail industry even small businesses and retailers are moving to eCommerce. It is time for your business to adopt Magento and benefit from the same. At CMARIX we have been implementing Magento successfully for several years and have been providing advanced implementation